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Conference Intensive Workshops

Intensive Workshops!

All conference participants will be abe to choose one of two Intensive Workshops on Sunday to participate in. These workshops span three hours, and will be a full immersion experience on deepening character at any age level of stories. These workshops are hands-on, get-in-the-action, stretch your brain opportunities to see your characters and your writing in a new way. 


Off the Map – with author Kent Davis
So you’ve got the plan, but your characters won’t stick to it. You know how and where it all ends, and the book is sailing, but in exactly the opposite direction. What now? Author and improvisational actor Kent Davis offers a series of tools designed to help keep authors flexible, creative, and in the moment. An interactive, generative, supportive, and most assuredly not expletive workshop. 
Visual Ways to Access Story – with author Janet Fox
Whether you are a visual person or not, visualizing your characters, setting, and even pieces of your plot can help you enrich your story and world-building. In this hands-on workshop, Janet will introduce you to some of her favorite ways of visualizing story, including story-boarding, presentation boards, and character scrapbooks.